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Member Benefits

As a non-profit organization dedicated to helping new FAST channels monetize their advertising revenue more effectively, the FAST Alliance offers numerous benefits to its members. Here are some of the main benefits that members can expect to receive when they join the FAST Alliance:

Access to a shared ad server:

One of the most significant benefits of joining the FAST Alliance is access to a shared ad server. This means that members do not have to worry about the cost and complexity of building and managing their own ad server. They can simply join the FAST Alliance and start monetizing their content right away.

Dedicated ad managers:

Members also have access to dedicated ad managers who are experts in the field of ad management. These ad managers work closely with members to optimize their ad strategy and maximize their revenue.

Lower costs:

By joining the FAST Alliance, members can significantly reduce their costs. They pay only a fraction of what it would normally cost to build and manage their own ad server, and they also pay one tenth of the ad revenue fee normally paid to intermediaries. This results in immediate revenue increases of 20% or more.


The FAST Alliance is led by the steering committee made up of pioneers in live streaming. Members benefit from their expertise and that of the experienced ad management professionals who make up the FAST Alliance team.

Networking opportunities:

Members have the opportunity to connect with other FAST channels and industry professionals, which can help them build valuable relationships and learn from others in the field.


Members of the FAST Alliance are eligible for exclusive discounts on various third-party services, including play out services from multiple vendors and specialized legal services such as licensing assistance. In addition, the FAST Alliance promotes its members’ programming as part of a bundle to Multi Video Program Operators worldwide, which provides favorable terms for members during group sales and negotiations. These benefits can significantly reduce costs and provide valuable support to new FAST channels looking to monetize their content and maximize their revenue.

In summary, the FAST Alliance offers members access to a shared ad server, dedicated ad managers, lower costs, expertise, networking opportunities, and discounts on 3rd party services. By joining the FAST Alliance, new FAST channels can overcome the challenges of advertising revenue and create a sustainable and profitable business.

I would like to add:

  • Data sharing
  • Content exchange board
  • Collective negotiation with OTTs and IT intermediaries
  • Cross promotions and traffic leads among FAST Channels of members
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