Our Organization 

The mission of the Alliance (a (501(c)(3) non-profit organization) is to aggregate and concentrate market power in order to strengthen the bargaining power of FAST channels within the streaming video value chain. This entails bringing together various players in the industry and creating a unified front that can exert significant influence over negotiations with other stakeholders. By leveraging the collective resources and strengths of its members, the Alliance aims to improve the competitive position of FAST channels and ensure that they are better able to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of the streaming video market.


Our shared ad server is owned by our members, who pay a fraction of the cost to build and manage their own server and only pay one tenth of the ad revenue fee normally paid to intermediaries. This results in immediate revenue increases of 20% or more

Steering Committee


Gustavo Neiva de Medeiros


Geoffrey J Clark

Legal Council

Bruce David Eisen


Jonathon Barbato


Louis Lewow


Gustavo R. Aparicio

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